Residential Security Systems

WLS offer a wide range of residential security options to safeguard your home, including home CCTV systems, door entry control, automatic electric gates, audio/video intercoms & intruder alarms. With over 30 years experience installing electronic security systems & fire prevention systems, we can ensure that your home’s access points are fully protected. Our security systems can be integrated together & monitored via remote access using your smartphone or mobile device.

Home CCTV System Installations

As specialists in security systems integration, you can be assured that a home CCTV system installation from WLS will provide you with a powerful, yet discrete surveillance system. By combining CCTV with other security systems in your home, we can provide a host of camera monitoring features, such as self-learning CCTV analytics software & remote monitoring.

WLS offer residential security services in London & the South East of England.

Integrating home CCTV systems with other security systems, such as electric gates & intruder alarms, can provide a more holistic security solution & a controlled and even automated security environment.

As part of our security installation service, we can set up remote CCTV monitoring linked to our central monitoring station for out of hours property surveillance. Please see our CCTV Installation section for more details or call us on 0208 676 4300 for further information.

Repair & Maintenance Service

 WLS can also provide a Repair & Maintenance service. Once we complete your security installation, we will provide a comprehensive maintenance plan which you can optionally take upon completion of the work. We can also inspect and service any existing CCTV System to ensure correct installation and offer continued maintenance to ensure your security system is kept up-to-date. Use our enquiry form for a free quote  or contact us on 0208 676 4300.