WLS access control systems leave you in charge of who comes and goes in your building

Electronic Access Control Systems

WLS provide full installation and set up of electronic access control systems and security equipment & have been designing, installing and maintaining access systems for more than 25 years. We offer mobile, card, fob and biometric based access control systems, tailor-made to suit your security needs. We only specify equipment from proven manufacturers such as ProWatch, Paxton & Impro & provide full integration with CCTV, Turnstiles, lifts and BMS systems.

Access control systems

Biometric Access Control Systems Technology

Biometric access control systems are now a realistic solution, providing an added level of security for your premises.

Automatic security gates

Automated Gates

Our automated gates and doors provide robust perimeter security and can be integrated with ANPR via your CCTV.

CCTV systems in London

CCTV Installations

Our CCTV installations offer you the latest technology and most advanced cameras from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Automatic security bollards

Bollards & Barriers

Rising bollards and barriers offer flexible perimeter security at access points to your site and can also provide a useful anti-terror measure.

Intercom door entry systems

Door Entry Systems

Whether you choose a video or phone door entry system, we’ll ensure the installation meets the highest quality standards.

Electronic intruder alarm systems

Intruder Alarm Systems

We offer wired or wireless intruder alarm systems & burglar alarms, which can be linked to our central monitoring station and integrated with your CCTV system to enable visual confirmation of any incident.

Biometric access control systems are fingerprint readers that compare your fingerprint with a previously scanned one. Fingerprint reading provides accurate & efficient communication with automatic doors and gates.​

When setting up CCTV installations, many types of technology are available and their use is dependant on the needs of your business. Suitable CCTV technology may include IP based CCTV systems with remote access, ANPR recognition, facial recognition & critical point recognition.

As an extension to your security system, our central monitoring station can be connected to your CCTV installation for overnight security monitoring with our Redcare connection service.

These are IP based video door entry systems with remote access for live video and playback via a mobile smartphone or tablet device. they can be integrated with access control systems for a complete security solution.

We only specify equipment from proven suppliers such as Galaxy, Texecom and DualCom. 

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